You are in global competition and operate internationally in a wide variety of sales markets. Your sales channels are becoming increasingly volatile, to the point of disruption. Simultaneously, you are struggling with a constantly increasing number of variants and parts.

Your product life cycles are shortening and you are feeling the constant cost pressure from customers and competitors. In addition to your volume products, you have to offer numerous product variants that run in small quantities.

The increasing shortage of skilled workers requires you to standardize your core processes to best practice levels and establish process reliability. And you are constantly faced with the question as to how digitalization can provide you with real added value and competitive advantages.



We firmly believe that we must constantly rethink products, services, customer experience and the underlying value creation processes in order to achieve long-term success!

As a software and consulting company, we support you in permanently optimizing your value network and critical business processes through a combination of advanced business analytics and a modern approach to agile transformation.

Our LOOMEO software suite consists of innovative and AI-based applications for supply chain risk management, supply chain design, supply chain planning and product & project portfolio management in the product creation process.

With our hybrid approach, we support you from strategy development to organizational and process design right up to the implementation of state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Take advantage of our holistic solution expertise and our best-practice methods to create excellent value chains in partnership with us – from the product idea all the way to the customer.

Digitale Innovation
und Produktentwicklung
  • Effizienter Produkt-entstehungsprozess (PEP)
  • Modernes Produkt- und Portfoliomanagement
  • Erfolgreiche Innovationen
  • Effizientes Projektmanagement
Business Analytics für erfolgreiche Innovationen
  • Strategy Execution Management
  • Product Architecture Management
  • Supply Chain Design
  • Product Roadmapping
  • IT Complexity Management
  • Komplexitätsmanagement
  • Wissensmanagement
Value und Supply Chain Management
  • SCM-Strategie
  • Optimales Supply Chain Design / Netzwerk
  • Effektives Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling
  • Moderne Organisationsstrukturen & Prozesse
  • Operational Excellence

LOOMEO is an AI-based business analytics platform that helps you to better manage your mission-critical value creation processes and create competitive advantages. This includes, for example, effective project and product portfolio management in the product development process, integrated product and supply chain design and effective supply chain risk management.

The LOOMEO apps are easy to use and designed for collaboration, whether internally with your colleagues or externally beyond your own company boundaries. The apps can be adapted and expanded to meet the specific needs of your company without any IT-related entry barriers.


Preventively identify the risk hotspots in your supply chain with the help of graph analytics methods. Increase delivery capability and transparency in your network.


With our business solution plug-ins for supply chain planning and design, you get smart and powerful apps that are designed to close functional gaps in your planning systems quickly and with minimal effort.

Product ARchitecture MANAGEMENT

Analyze and optimize the architecture of your products. Your product complexity becomes manageable, you increase planning quality and improve process efficiency.

Project portfolio Management

Maintain an overview of your projects and combine classic and agile planning methods with dashboard functions and individual views.
This provides you with transparency in complex portfolio views and greater efficiency in your multi-project management.

In our competence center for supply chain management, you will find our specialists for the optimization and transformation of complex value creation processes. Based on our holistic solution expertise and our best-practice methods, we work with you to design excellent value chains from the product idea to the customer in the process of digital transformation. We stand for outstanding professional and social expertise, creativity, absolute integrity and enthusiasm. Change can be fun!


Create benefit innovations and competitive advantages by radically changing your organization, business processes, products and services through digital technologies.

Optimal Supply Chain Design & Network Optimization

Increase the efficiency of your value creation process by optimizing your supply chain structure and value streams.

Integrated Business Planning / S&OP

Increase your product availability, reduce costs and inventories by better coordinating your supply chain through integrated business planning.

Modern Organization & Processes

Develop an effective SCM organizational and operational structure with defined responsibilities for the overall coordination of the supply chain and clear objectives.

Operational Excellence

Constantly optimize the core processes in your value chain with regard to effectiveness and efficiency and ensure consistent implementation of the corporate strategy.

Our second competence center specializes in innovation and product development in the context of digital transformation. Our experts work with you to design your digitalization strategy or new business models. From the product and service idea to the management of your complex development projects, you benefit from our many years of experience and our outstanding methodological expertise. Innovation is ultimately the key to your future success!

Efficient Product Development Process

Develop a customized product development process and reduce development risks and your time-to-market.

Modern Product & Portfolio Management

Increase customer benefit through a strategically aligned product portfolio and optimize your own portfolio complexity at the same time.

Successful Innovations

A systematic innovation process guarantees the successful introduction of product and service innovations.

Efficient Project Management

Create competitive advantages through efficient project management with the right combination of classic and agile methods.

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