Efficient Product Development Process

Efficient product development process

Product development is not a given. Life cycles are getting shorter, the competition bigger and customer requirements more demanding. For this reason, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to product development. A variety of processes already exist for the development of new products that have been tried and tested in practice. These range from stage gates within a waterfall process to the use of SCRUM, which is based on the empirical principles of transparency, inspection and adaptation. Depending on the product, company size, industry and many other influencing factors, the optimal process structure for the product development process must be developed in order to ensure long-term success. Design to X is an essential component in linking the product development process to individual company goals – such as cost optimization or sustainability.

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Optimization of your product Development process

Develop a customized product development process together with us and strengthen your market position in the long term!

Cost-optimized products & services

Concentrate on the essentials! We ensure customer-oriented product development through efficient milestone management.

Agility in the product development process

Combine activity and results-oriented processes. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of both worlds and achieve maximum efficiency!

Product development process – The development of new products

The development of new products is a central task of every successful company. Globalization makes it possible to supply customers from all over the world. At the same time, this also increases competitive pressure. In the current market, product life cycles are becoming shorter with increased customer requirements. Cheap products are flooding the market and require a clear differentiation from the competition through high product quality and innovative products.

An established product development process is the stage-gate process according to Cooper. This is characterized by milestones known as gates. Intermediate results are developed at each milestone. These ensure the required level of maturity and quality assurance of the process. Interdisciplinary teams work together to achieve the required results and increase the maturity level of the product with each milestone reached. The requirements of each specialist area and those of potential customers must be taken into account. We provide support in ensuring quality and homogenizing the often heterogeneous requirements.

One disadvantage of this process is the inflexible structure of the previously defined milestones. Reacting to current market conditions and updated customer requirements is only possible to a limited extent within the stage-gate process. The Scrum framework meets this challenge. Requirements are processed and functions implemented in time-limited sprints. Once the sprints have been completed, the results are inspected, the market situation is reassessed and work continues with the new information.

Development success by means of an individual development process

None of these approaches will lead to the success of your development project without exception. Depending on the application, it is important to work out the optimum combination in order to achieve a sustainable result. In addition to the cost optimization of products or their sustainability, the USPs of our customers are highlighted and optimized through active idea management. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of product development, we have been able to implement innovative and customized processes with customers from the automotive, toolmaking, pharmaceutical, etc. industries. We support our customers on their path to success with our workshop format and ongoing support.

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Requirement management

We support you in introducing and implementing the documentation of your requirements. We work with you to establish quality standards and enable you to maintain a transparent specification sheet.

Process optimization

Don’t waste time on activities that don’t add value. We sharpen your focus on the essentials with our lean methods of process optimization.

Design to X

Does your focus lie on cost optimization, sustainability or product quality? We know what is important and help you to implement it successfully.

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Dr. Thomas Braun
Managing Partner Dr. Thomas Braun

Our EXPERTISE in the area of the product development process

As experienced consultants in the product development environment, we provide you with holistic support on all topics relating to the product development process and the right approach for you. We work with you to design the optimum process solution for your specific company situation and help you with the implementation roadmap.

Get in touch with us! Our aim is to enable you to continuously develop customer-oriented products.

The approach

Analysis of the Current Situation
In joint workshops, we analyze your current situation with regard to market requirements and the structure of the product development process.
Concept Development Product Development Process
What does your optimal product development process look like? Do you need precise specifications including quality controls? Do you need to be able to react as flexibly as possible to the market? We will find the right balance for you!
Process Implementation
We do not leave you alone with your new findings. We support you with the introduction of the new process and train your employees. If required, we offer you tool support.

Our customers’ success stories

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Bernd Schwegmann, SIBA GmbH:
„REDPOINT has significantly influenced the positive development and realignment of our company.“
WHW Hillebrand Group
Dr. Martin Kurpjoweit, WHW Hillebrand:
„Through cooperation with REDPOINT we were able to professionalize processes within the company.“
Frank Huckschlag, Newcold GmbH:
„REDPOINT has developed a concept for dealing with the future volume increase“
Meinolf Rameil, TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG:
„TESEON's structured and systematic approach enabled us to achieve this so quickly.“
Dr. Eugen Göller, Plant Manager at TRUMPF Laser at the time of the project:
„REDPOINT is characterized by a high level of expertise in process and digitalization.“
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