Optimal Supply Chain Design & Network Optimization

Optimal supply chain design & network optimization

Many companies source and produce in global networks and supply a wide variety of markets. In this context, the constantly changing framework conditions force companies to regularly reassess and revise the structure of their supply chain and value stream. Designing the structure and processes of these production and logistics networks, i.e. supply chain design, is a core task of supply chain management.

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Improve costs & robustness

Ensure the future viability of investments in your supply chain structure by integrating the dynamics of the future into your supply chain design decisions at an early stage.


Define & increase service level

Align your supply chain to the requirements of your customers and markets and keep an eye on the future. Continuously adapt your procurement, production, stockpiling and delivery network to market requirements.


Promoting & developing sustainability

Develop sustainable structures for the long-term success of your company by working with us to identify all relevant influencing factors and develop an optimal and robust solution for the future.

Designing supply chains design for complex value chains

Whether globalization or relocation and relocalization: complex supply chains must be regularly revised in order to meet a variety of sometimes competing objectives and create competitive advantages. In addition to meeting customer requirements, the focus is on robustness, future viability and cost efficiency. Digitalization, additive manufacturing and new technological developments are constantly offering new opportunities. Anticipating risks in the supply chain and assessing their impact ensures uninterrupted supply to customers.

Value stream design describes all relevant process steps that are required to manufacture a product or service, from the raw material to the finished end product. The design of value streams is of central importance for the long-term optimization of production processes, the creation of transparency and, in addition to the reduction of costs, also the improvement of flexibility and robustness against the volatility and dynamics of the markets.

A supply chain-compliant product architecture is defined by actively managing customer variants and optimizing the product architecture. By actively managing product variance, unnecessary variants in the portfolio are identified and necessary “expensive variants” are priced accordingly. At the same time, the reduction of product variants creates considerable potential for reducing capital commitment and logistics costs. An optimized product architecture enables late variant creation, simplifies the Sales & Operations Planning process and reduces risks in the supply chain through bundling effects.

Challenges in network optimization & value stream design
  • Creating clarity about the goal Network optimization and value stream design often have to deal with a wide variety of expectations. This makes it all the more important to recognize the requirements for supply chain design from different areas such as procurement, production, sales, compliance and others at an early stage. In addition to cost efficiency and performance through compliance with service levels, sustainability criteria are becoming increasingly important. The different objectives must be prioritized and weighed against each other before starting to optimize the network structure.


  • Fragmentation of customers and sales markets and increasing variant diversity Global sales markets and local product variants often place different demands on the performance of the supply chain. The change in customer requirements over time poses new challenges for the robustness of supply chains.


  • Operational feasibility Supply chains designed using optimization models must not be castles in the air, but must be transferable to reality. To this end, we work with the project team to develop migration scenarios for the gradual redesign of the supply chain and value stream, taking into account relevant restrictions such as investment limits. We also design planning processes for network-wide planning in the tactical horizon (link supply chain planning).
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Network design

We support you in the targeted design of your production and logistics network. To do this, we work with you to create an optimization model for your individual situation. This gives you a supply chain that is optimally aligned with your customer requirements and significantly greater security when making the usually highly-investment decisions regarding the structure of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Our supply chain risk management solution LOOMEO SCRM, combined with the process know-how of our consultants, supports you in the preventive identification, evaluation and elimination of risks in the supply chain. This gives you greater peace of mind in your day-to-day business and stability in your supply chain processes.

Value stream design

Make the value stream in your production significantly more efficient. Together with you, we draw up a draft for the “target state” based on your strategy and vision for an improved customer-oriented material and information flow of the entire value stream.

SC-compliant product architecture

We interlink your product development with the requirements of supply chain and value stream design at an early stage. The combination of our expertise from both areas ensures that new products are produced in the intended quality and that there are no unpleasant surprises when production and the supply chain start up.

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Andreas Busch
Associate Partner Andreas Busch


Based on numerous projects on this topic, redpoint.teseon has built up comprehensive know-how that covers all aspects of supply chain design and network optimization as well as a wide range of industries. With the help of our maturity and implementation models, we are able to significantly increase the performance of your supply chain in a short period of time and fulfill your customer needs in the best possible way.

Improve your process costs and increase your customer satisfaction along the entire supply chain.

Numerous renowned customers confirm the high quality of our services – this guarantees you the security of your investment. Use your full potential for your success.

Get in touch with us! Our goal is to design and optimize your planning and control processes so that they can be implemented and lived efficiently – together with you and in collaboration with customers, suppliers and cooperation partners.

The approach

Put your current design to the test and identify optimization potential with us!
Selection of optimized SC design concepts
Let us show you different supply chain design concepts and choose the right alignment with us.
Project Planning & Implementation
Reorganize your supply chain without jeopardizing planned sales volumes and customer satisfaction. Benefit from our wealth of experience during implementation and ensure sustainable project success.

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Bernd Schwegmann, SIBA GmbH:
„REDPOINT has significantly influenced the positive development and realignment of our company.“
WHW Hillebrand Group
Dr. Martin Kurpjoweit, WHW Hillebrand:
„Through cooperation with REDPOINT we were able to professionalize processes within the company.“
Frank Huckschlag, Newcold GmbH:
„REDPOINT has developed a concept for dealing with the future volume increase“
Meinolf Rameil, TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG:
„TESEON's structured and systematic approach enabled us to achieve this so quickly.“
Dr. Eugen Göller, Plant Manager at TRUMPF Laser at the time of the project:
„REDPOINT is characterized by a high level of expertise in process and digitalization.“
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