Successful Innovations

Successful innovations

Together with our innovation experts at redpoint.teseon, you can set the course for your company’s long-term success. The rapid pace of change and the demand for ever shorter product lifecycles require companies to continuously deal with innovations. The work on innovations can have different levels – we are the right partner for you when it comes to the following challenges:

  • We accompany your innovation projects and help shape your product and service innovations proactively and methodically.
  • Together with us, you can take advantage of the opportunities that digitalization has to offer – for your products, but also for innovations in your company itself.
  • Together with you, we systematically build up the innovation process and a suitable organization that constantly generates innovations in your company.
The added value for you!
Gain advantages and generate benefits for your company with our comprehensive consulting services!

Increase customer benefit and satisfaction

Work with us to consistently align your innovations with market and customer needs and create a wow effect.

Ensuring competitiveness

Take advantage of the opportunities that arise in your market environment. Together we will analyze the trends that are relevant to you. Digitalization is just one of them.

Innovative product and service innovation

Successfully launch new products and services on the market and gain an advantage compared to your competitors.

Innovation creates added value for the customer

Innovation is not a linear process. Nevertheless, the following elements and phases can always be found in the design of innovations – these are essential in order to create maximum added value for the customer. We use these elements both actively when we support your company in shaping innovation and also integrate them when we jointly develop a systematic innovation process and an effective innovation organization.

  • Innovation Strategy
    A medium to long-term mission statement provides your company with clarity as to what you want to be perceived as a brand by your customers and employees. Because the answer to the question “What is the DNA of our company?” is like a lighthouse that helps you make long-term decisions.


  • Problem Analysis
    As Einstein once said: “If I had one hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about the solution.” In our experience, once you have understood your customer’s problem, that’s half the battle.


  • Finding a Solution
    Once the problem has been understood, creative ideas are needed to solve it. We offer creativity workshops to develop new ideas and systematically support you in developing the solution that you and your organization are focusing on.


  • Implementation
    For us, innovation does not stop after finding a solution, but rather that is when the real work begins. In our opinion, the following formula applies: “Innovation = inspiration + diffusion”. We use various methods to actively drive the implementation and realization of innovations and to assess the entrepreneurial risk: classic elements such as quality gates and milestones, as well as agile working methods.
Identify the right levers with us!

Digital innovation & transformation

Take advantage of the opportunities of digitalization and develop innovative business models with us and generate product and service innovations for your sustainable business success.

Shaping innovation

Innovation is a question of approach! We help you to develop an innovation framework and optimize your innovation process with modern working formats such as the design sprint.

Innovation process

We develop, implement and optimize a systematic innovation process for you to achieve your atrategic product and innovation goals.

Arrange an individual consultation with us and identify best practice solutions for your company!

OUr Expert
Dr. Thomas Braun
Managing Partner Dr. Thomas Braun

Our EXPERTISE for innovations

After numerous innovation projects in a wide range of industries such as automotive, construction, rubber, etc., our experts at redpoint.teseon have built up the comprehensive know-how required for successful innovations. As innovation projects are rarely linear, we have built up a comprehensive innovation framework that is constantly being expanded. Depending on the challenges our customers face in innovation projects, we can support them with the right approach. The involvement of customers and customer-related departments in the innovation process has proved particularly successful. redpoint.teseon supports you in your innovation projects and accompanies you along the way.

Get in touch with us! Our aim is to design and optimize your innovation processes so that they are implemented and lived efficiently – in collaboration with you and in cooperation with customers, suppliers and partners.

the approach

Innovation Strategy
Define the right fields of action for your company and focus your limited resources on the most relevant topics.
Problem Analysis & Solution Finding
Tackle your innovation projects. Alternating between different creativity or prioritization methods will support you along the way.
Set up an effective and efficient process and lead your innovation projects to success.

Our customers’ success stories

Clear Filters
Bernd Schwegmann, SIBA GmbH:
„REDPOINT has significantly influenced the positive development and realignment of our company.“
WHW Hillebrand Group
Dr. Martin Kurpjoweit, WHW Hillebrand:
„Through cooperation with REDPOINT we were able to professionalize processes within the company.“
Frank Huckschlag, Newcold GmbH:
„REDPOINT has developed a concept for dealing with the future volume increase“
Meinolf Rameil, TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG:
„TESEON's structured and systematic approach enabled us to achieve this so quickly.“
Dr. Eugen Göller, Plant Manager at TRUMPF Laser at the time of the project:
„REDPOINT is characterized by a high level of expertise in process and digitalization.“

Questions regarding innovation management

What is innovation?

When it comes to innovation, we apply the following formula: “Innovation = inspiration + diffusion”. In other words, we do not simply finish with an innovative concept, but continue to support our customers in establishing it in the long term.

What consulting services do we offer for innovations?

On the one hand, we support our customers in their innovation projects and help shape innovation directly. On the other hand, we empower organizations with lean innovation processes and training.

How is an innovation project organized?

Of course, this depends on where our customer is at. At the start of an innovation project, we will always ask about the customer problem or “customer pain” in order to then develop ideas and solutions – and test and implement the most promising ones.

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