Efficient Project Management

Efficient Project Management

Due to increasing market pressure and shortened product life cycles, efficient project management is an elementary component for sustainably increasing your competitiveness. Project planning, project coordination and control, as well as the coaching of project teams, is a key component of a classic project management office (PMO). The PMO plays a central role in supporting and coordinating various projects. Traditional project management focuses on adherence to deadlines and costs with a specified scope of services. In agile project management, the focus is on customer acceptance and the added value of the product to be delivered. Both approaches are effective, so it must be decided on a case-by-case basis which type of project management is most promising.

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Successful and self-empowered agile project teams

Increase the motivation of your project teams by providing individual orientation and support for project members with the help of our training and coaching services.

Efficiency with the right combination of classic & agile

We help you make the right decisions regarding agile or classic project management methods to maximize customer benefits.

Optimal project portfolio management through transparency

With our method toolkit and our software brand LOOMEO smart business solutions, we support you in the efficient management of your project portfolio.

Proper project management for greater success

While strategic project management deals with the strategic direction of the company by evaluating and prioritizing new projects, project portfolio management (PPM) focuses on ensuring project progress, coordinating, prioritizing and controlling projects in the portfolio. Monitoring the portfolio with regard to strategic goals is a key component. Multi-project management, on the other hand, represents the overarching framework and process structure of project management in the portfolio. The aggregation of project information, such as work package status or milestone coordination, as well as the initiation, monitoring and control of individual projects is covered by project management.

The project management pyramid divides project management into the following areas:

What is the right project management method?

In order to identify the right project management approach for your company, factors such as company size, strategic orientation, product or service type, project complexity and risk as well as stakeholders should be taken into account. To this end, an as-is analysis provides insights into the project structure. The planning of projects according to the waterfall model, agile project management according to scrum and lean project management are the most established project management methods.

The waterfall model involves initiating and planning the project, drawing up a detailed resource plan and implementing, monitoring and controlling the project and its work packages, often with the help of the Gantt chart. The project processes and required resources are planned precisely in advance, meaning that deviations from the project plan at a later stage are only possible to a minimal extent. This method should therefore primarily be used to manage sequential and interdependent work packages. The tasks should be known to the project team in advance and the project complexity should be limited so that reliable planning is possible.

The scrum framework, on the other hand, is part of agile project management and is particularly suitable for complex projects that are difficult to plan. Customer requirements and risks are usually not foreseeable at the start of the project and knowledge is gained through iterative, incremental feedback loops. While scrum gives project teams a great deal of creative freedom and self-management, rules, roles and processes are clearly defined. The requirements for the product are recorded in the product backlog, but can be changed at any time if new insights are gained through customer feedback. The project is carried out in sprints, in which each sprint pursues a defined goal and a product increment can be published at the end. Important roles in scrum are the product owner, the self-empowered development team and the scrum master.

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Project Management Office

We support you in initiating, coordinating, monitoring and controlling your projects and work hand in hand with you to develop an optimal solution for your portfolio management.

AgilE Coaching & Training

We are happy to offer you our extensive range of training courses for agile project management. This includes the scrum framework, change management, hybrid project management and design thinking.

Tool-based project management

In cooperation with our long-standing partner Collaboration Factory, we offer you a project portfolio management software with a modular structure that allows you to quickly adapt it to your individual requirements.

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We support you in identifying the optimal project management methods for your environment and successfully establishing them in your company. Thanks to our many years of project management experience in various industries, we can develop an efficiency-enhancing, future-proof project management solution with you on an equal footing. With our holistic approach, we support you from the structuring of your project management to the successful implementation of projects. We also provide you with individually tailored change management and training services for your project teams.

Get in touch with us! Our aim is to design and develop your project and portfolio management in such a way that you increase your competitiveness in the long term. Project decisions based solely on instinct are now a thing of the past.

The approach

Clarification of Requirements & As-Is Analysis
With the help of our workshop to clarify requirements and a detailed analysis of the current situation on site, we identify the need for action to optimize your project management.
Training and Coaching
Our modular training courses on agile and classic project management can be perfectly tailored to your needs. Our agile coaches can draw on their many years of expertise in agile and hybrid project management.
The Right Project Management Method
Whether classic, agile or hybrid project management, we support you in initiating, coordinating, monitoring and controlling your projects and work hand in hand with you to develop an optimal solution for your project management.

Our customers’ success stories

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Bernd Schwegmann, SIBA GmbH:
„REDPOINT has significantly influenced the positive development and realignment of our company.“
WHW Hillebrand Group
Dr. Martin Kurpjoweit, WHW Hillebrand:
„Through cooperation with REDPOINT we were able to professionalize processes within the company.“
Frank Huckschlag, Newcold GmbH:
„REDPOINT has developed a concept for dealing with the future volume increase“
Meinolf Rameil, TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG:
„TESEON's structured and systematic approach enabled us to achieve this so quickly.“
Dr. Eugen Göller, Plant Manager at TRUMPF Laser at the time of the project:
„REDPOINT is characterized by a high level of expertise in process and digitalization.“

Questions regarding modern organizational structures & processes

What project management methods are there?

There are a variety of project management methods. The most established methods are classic project management with waterfall planning and project structure planning supported by the central role of the project management office. This is contrasted with agile project management, which includes the scrum framework. There are also many other project management methods such as lean project management, the network planning technique and the milestone trend analysis.

Which project management method is the best?

It is not possible to make a blanket statement about which project management methods should be used. It always depends on the current situation, which is why we recommend that you carry out an as-is and to-be analysis before establishing project management structures. We work hand in hand with you to determine which project management methods suit you and your specific situation.

Do I receive support with the implementation of new project management methods?

Our consulting approach is holistic, so we can support you with situation analysis, concept development and implementation on site and digitally. We offer a comprehensive coaching and training program that ensures the long-term acceptance of employees. This range includes agile project management, design thinking methods, change management and software-supported project management.

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