In order to survive in a dynamic competitive environment, you need to systematically address the foundations for the long-term economic success of your company. This concerns both the corporate level and your business model as well as the value chain or supply chain as a derivative strategy. In addition to the operative coordination of ongoing business activities, i.e. the processing of orders and projects, strategic management is the second central management task.

Digital transformation in particular is opening up a new playing field with almost unlimited possibilities. Ultimately, however, only relatively few strategic elements or “enablers” will give you genuine and sustainable competitive advantages. It will be crucial for you to set the right priorities and make the best possible use of your limited financial and human resources.

“The strategy is an economy of forces.”

Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz

The added value for you!
Realize advantages and generate benefits for your company with our comprehensive consulting services!

Ensuring the long-term success of the company

Secure your future prospects and develop a strategy with the right solutions for the challenges of the future and volatile market conditions.

Systematically generating competitive advantages

Identify the value contribution of effective supply chain management and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Being agile and adapting to a changing environment

Work with us to design an optimal and robust value chain for you in the field of tension between performance, agility, resilience and cost efficiency.

Strategy, the plan for the future

The SCM strategy involves identifying the trends relevant to you, realistically assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your company in the industry environment and working out the value contribution of supply chain management. On this basis, we work with you to define the relevant fields of action for operational implementation and develop a roadmap for the long-term further development of your supply chain management, e.g. modern organizational and process structures, new methods and supporting IT systems.

Together, we find answers to key strategic questions along the value chain, for example:

  • What factors influence our business success in the long term?
  • Does our business model have to change in order to ensure profitable growth in the future? How can digitalization contribute to this?
  • What strategic risks do we see for our supply chain and how can we counter them?
  • What will the future supply chain design look like?
  • How can we build new strategic competitive advantages across the value chain or the supply chain?
  • How can we manage growth and increasing complexity?

A change in strategy is often the starting point for a business transformation. We see this as a structural change to your value chain. To achieve this, we operationalize the strategic requirements, define specific areas of action and place these on a timeline in the form of a long-term strategy roadmap.

This roadmap contains those elements that will bring your company the greatest benefit in the future. By working out quick wins, success can be achieved within a short period of time. Ultimately, the corporate strategy is a living and flexible tool. It is constantly evolving and should be regularly reviewed and adapted if necessary.

Identify the right levers with us!

Benchmarking & potential analysis

Based on our benchmark model, you can quickly and easily obtain an objective assessment of your potential in comparison with best practice processes from comparable companies.

SCM mission statement

Work with us to develop an SCM mission statement that describes the principles and strategic directions for future supply chain management. The organization’s mission statement provides the framework for day-to-day activities, is aligned with future market expectations and thus ensures your company’s success.


Translate your vision and strategic guidelines into a feasible plan and, together with us, awaken the organization’s enthusiasm for the realignment of your company.

Digital Supply Chain

Together with our experts, you can rely on digital solutions throughout your entire value chain to increase the innovative strength and efficiency of your company.

Make or Buy

Examine all levels and consequences of a make-or-buy decision for your company and focus on the competences with the highest business contribution in terms of value creation and competitiveness.

Put your current strategic orientation to the test and develop a sustainable corporate strategy with us!
Our expert
Karsten Schaaf
Managing Partner Karsten Schaaf

Based on numerous SCM strategy projects, we have developed our unique and systematic process model for developing a holistic SCM strategy. With the help of various benchmark/process models and best-practice descriptions, you can quickly and easily obtain an objective overview of your organization’s current performance.

In addition to the systematic approach and the holistic view of internal and external influencing factors, our customers particularly value the pragmatic implementation roadmap as a result.


Achieve your strategic goals faster, more reliably and more cost-effectively.

Numerous renowned clients confirm the high quality of our services – guaranteeing you the security of your investment. Use your full potential for your success. Ultimately, it’s the people who make the difference.

Get in touch with us! Our goal is to design and optimize your corporate strategy and orientation in such a way that they are efficiently implemented and lived – together with you and in collaboration with customers, suppliers and network partners.

The approach
Trend & environment analysis
We analyze the megatrends in your industry for you and derive the strategy elements and individual strategy contours relevant to your business.
Supply Chain Management Mission Statement
Work with us to develop an SCM mission statement for future supply chain management. The organization's mission statement provides the framework for day-to-day activities and is aligned with current and future market expectations.
We identify the relevant fields of action and change measures for the development of a modern supply chain organization in a targeted manner. This results in an evaluated strategy roadmap as the basis for a successful transformation process.

Our customers’ success stories

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Bernd Schwegmann, SIBA GmbH:
„REDPOINT has significantly influenced the positive development and realignment of our company.“
WHW Hillebrand Group
Dr. Martin Kurpjoweit, WHW Hillebrand:
„Through cooperation with REDPOINT we were able to professionalize processes within the company.“
Frank Huckschlag, Newcold GmbH:
„REDPOINT has developed a concept for dealing with the future volume increase“
Meinolf Rameil, TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG:
„TESEON's structured and systematic approach enabled us to achieve this so quickly.“
Dr. Eugen Göller, Plant Manager at TRUMPF Laser at the time of the project:
„REDPOINT is characterized by a high level of expertise in process and digitalization.“
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