Successful project and change management for change at a distance

Asia as a production location has established itself as a particularly cost-cutting location; however, the effort required to manage the supply chain is underestimated. In this segment in particular, the market environment is often volatile or disruptive, which is why agility is one of the most important goals for production sites.

However, the reality is often different, a transit time of 6 weeks by sea and long lead times through production often lead to increased freight costs due to a significant volume of air freight. Optimization projects come to nothing because the solutions developed in Europe and rolled out to Asia are not accepted. However, a clear no or even a clear requirement does not correspond to the Asian culture. The consequence is that the solutions are simply circumvented with ingenuity.

In such an environment, REDPOINT significantly shortened the response time at the Asian production site of a European contract partner and significantly increased transparency across the supply chain. This was achieved with an innovative project setup, an integrated process and IT solution and change management adapted to the Asian culture.


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